The Registry

“Everyone’s makin’ a fuss.” ~ Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly

Everyone keeps asking where we’re registered. We’re not, for our own reasons. But since everyone keeps asking, we’re doing something about it.

The Easy Way

Jeremy’s Amazon Wish List
Leon’s Amazon Wish List

Gift cards also work.

The Awesome Way

We’ve been together for eleven years, and handfasted for eight and a half. We have pretty much everything we need. Here’s our registry challenge to you:

You know either one or both of us. Come up with a gift of anything that reminds you of us. What is it about us that makes you think of us? What kind of thing would you give to us that would be uniquely us? How do you see us, and what would you send us to make us always think of you?

Where to Send All the Things

Jeremy Bredeson and Leon Moses
3982 Andrus Court, Apartment B
Columbus, OH 43227

Surprise us. We’ll be waiting by the mailbox. We’re already there.

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