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I’m currently listening to Tina Fey read her book Bossypants. It’s a fantastic book, and you should read it. Toby badgered (badgered, badgered) me until I listened to it, and it’s amazing. Thanks for poking at me, Toby.

At one point in the book, Fey is discussing the rules of improv. I smiled and nodded, remembering some incredibly good times. Later, she talks about having to ask Sylvester Stallone to enunciate. She and an experienced writer went to the host’s door, and neither of them had any idea what to do.

Enter my story.

Sometime in, I think, 2005 or 2006, I joined an improv group in San Jose called The Jesters of Yes! Clay was our Artistic Director and he was talking about what to do when ya just got nuthin’. He was on stage talking and said something along the lines of, “There are times when you get up there, look at your scene partner, and just go *boop* and wing it.”

So, Scott and I were the first people up there. We got our scene suggestion, we looked at each other (which is comical in and of itself; I’m 5’11”, Scott is 6’11”), and I just said, “*Boop!*”

Because sometimes, ya just got nuthin’. Clay started laughing, and said, “I didn’t mean actually say ‘boop’!” But really, it was as good of a code as anything else. Everyone in the Jesters knew, from that minute on, that “boop” was code for “You take it.”

No point to the story. Just some nostalgia in my head tonight.

TechnoCowboy’s Never-Ending Quest To Save My [Gender]friend!

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Huge bonus awesome points to anyone who gets the title reference.

I’m a member over at NerdFitness. It’s an AWESOME site that I don’t utilize nearly enough. They do six-week challenges, and the new one was just posted: What’s Your Main Quest? This is my Write-up for my challenge.

I’ve started and stopped Couch-to-5K four or five times in the last two-and-a-half years. I’ve done two 5Ks in there, but I want to be able to run them instead of a combo of running and walking. I have a 5K that I’m signed up for at work on October 5. My goal is to finish C25K in the eight weeks and be able to kick this thing in the taint. That’s 10 weeks. I know this challenge is only 6 weeks. I’ll be extending mine.

I’m running on a Legend of Zelda timeline. Nearly every LoZ game is eight dungeons and a final boss battle, with a crapload of mini-quests. My only mini quest is to also lose 25 pounds while doing this. I can totally do that. That’s 2.5 pounds per week, and that’s nothing, especially a) for a guy (yes, I know that’s sexist, but it’s also kinda true-ish) and b) for someone who hasn’t been actively exercising or changing the way he eats.

So, each week is a different dungeon and each run is the items in the dungeon. For the sake of all of this, and because it’s my (and nearly everyone else’s) favorite, I’ll be using the Ocarina of Time. As I do this, I’ll cross off the run on here. I’m only accountable to myself, but a little encouragement wouldn’t suck, either. :pride:

Week One: Great Deku Tree – Kokiri Emerald – Achieved!
Run 1: Compass and Map – finished 7/31/13
Run 2: Fairy Slingshot – finished 8/4/13
Run 3: Gohma defeated – finished 8/6

Week Two: Dodongo Cavern – Goron Ruby
Run 1: Compass and Map – finished 8/22
Run 2: Bomb Bag
Run 3: King Dodongo defeated

Week Three: Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – Zora Sapphire
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Boomerang
Run 3: Barinade defeated

Week Four: Side Items (not to scale)
Run 1: Hookshot and Epona
Run 2: Light Arrows, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows
Run 3: Din’s Fire, Farore’s Wind, Nayru’s Love

Week Five: Forest Temple – Forest Medallion
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Fairy Bow
Run 3: Phantom Ganon defeated

Week Six: Fire Temple – Fire Medallion
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Megaton Hammer
Run 3: Volvagia defeated

Week Seven: Water Temple – Water Medallion
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Longshot
Run 3: Morpha defeated

Week Eight: Shadow Temple – Shadow Medallion
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Hover Boots
Run 3: Bongo Bongo defeated

Week Nine: Spirit Temple – Spirit Medallion
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Mirror Shield and Silver Gauntlets
Run 3: Twinrova defeated

Week Ten: Ganon’s Castle
Run 1: Shadow Barrier, Forest Barrier, Water Barrier
Run 2: Fire Barrier, Light Barrier, Spirit Barrier
Run 3: Ganon defeated

That’s a lot of gear. A LOT OF GEAR. I know I’ll only make it through the Fire Temple on this, but I’m challenging myself to make Ganon my bitch.

Morning Mile Challenge

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I’m doing the Morning Mile Challenge with a couple of hundred people over on NerdFitness. This was Day One for me, so I have two more miles to make up this month. At 8:00 AM, the air is beautiful. It’s quiet, it feels like I’m the only person in the world. Just me and my music (which was all Delta Rae — so awesome).

After my walk his morning, I posted this to my feed on Fitocracy:

Y’know, I’ve been doing this all wrong. I’ve been looking at it like it’s all a giant multiplayer game. For me, it’s just a single-person game. I’m on this never-ending quest to (save my boyfriend! *bling*) lose this weight, but I’m not competing against anyone but myself. I don’t care that there are people a zillion levels ahead of me; I’m doing this for *me*, not for them.

And I love that both sites act like this is a game, like I’m gaining XP and levels, at the same time that I’m losing weight and getting back into shape. Whatever it takes to get me doing it, right? And as much as I love me some MMORPGs, I love me some Legend of Zelda even more. That’s more my play style: me against the world, on my terms, on my own timetable. I’ll lose the weight, I’ll make this my bitch.

No, no, that wasn’t a question.

Goals: Let Me Show You Mine!

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My close, personal friend and world famous author, the ever-fabulous Michael Thomas Ford, has started something on the Between the Worlds Facebook group. He asked for volunteers to be grouped up together. My group got all of their goals for the next year in last week, but because I suck at timeliness, mine came in today.

1) Lose 25 pounds before BTW. This is going to lead into subgoals of:

  • Start walking at least twice a week, for a minimum of 10 miles per week.
  • Make smarter food choices. Learn what that means and how to do that.

2) Live my spirituality. Again, subgoals of:

  • Meditation
  • Studying (Lord and Lady, but I hate reading non-fiction books)
  • Write at least one new ritual.
  • Write an article for publication, either online or in print.
  • Rewrite the JaguarMoon rituals for continuity

3) Start a podcast. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years. Time to do it. And along with that goes…

4) Blog more. I’ve got a damn high writing skill; I just need to get my shit together and get more motivation to start writing more. Minimum of once a week.

What does this mean? Well, I’m most likely going to be blogging my weekly check-in sessions, because that will at least get me writing, right? I’ll be able to post progress on my ritual and on my article (though the JMC rituals will only be accessible to coven members). I’ll also be posting my weigh-ins (because that will be fun for me) and probably distances. At some point in the next year, I’d like to get back into running, but I don’t want to set that goal and not be able to achieve it.

Anyone who knows me will notice the lack of anything knitting related on this list. Knitting goals are meaningless for me, simply because I will always knit. There are a few projects to finish and get sent out, but they’ll get done and get sent out. I’m not afraid of that. I don’t have to push myself to do that.

What I’ve got, though, I can set my mind and energies to. Here’s to a good year.

Army Wives and Twitter

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One of the TV shows I watch on a regular basis (y’know, like, obsessively…) is Army Wives. I don’t know what drew me to this show; I’ve never been in the military, I’ve never been in a military family, the only person I dated who was active duty was in the Air Force. I’ve seen every episode, though, and it’s always been something of a semi-guilty pleasure. Well, if I felt guilt about things like that. I miss the hell out of Brigid Brannaugh (who played my favorite character, Pamela Moran).

I also follow a lot of celebrities on my Twitter feed. A good chunk of the cast of Army Wives is on there: Terry Serpico, Catherine Bell, Sally Pressman, Wendy Davis, Kim Delaney, Brian McNamara. I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but I doubt any of them are reading my blog (though, if they are? I’ma glitter in my pants, yo). If they comment, I’ll apologize profusely.

Tonight, I sent this message:

@TwoGems57 and @terryserpico – I have to tell you that I really truly appreciate the way you portray the guys on @ArmyWives. It’s awesome.

About ten minutes later, I got this message back:

@GiveMamaSugar @terryserpico @armywives Thanks Jeremy!! That means a lot!!

Yes, I squealed a little bit. It always makes me feel awesome when someone who doesn’t need to do so takes time out of his or her world and mingles, y’know?

The show is great. They’re about to start airing season six in a few weeks (which, incidentally, season five just ended a few weeks ago; I’m used to this show taking MUCH more time between seasons), and I’m looking very forward to it. It’s a fantastic ensemble, and they’ve added a couple of new wives into the mix who are rounding out the show in new and interesting ways. Also, in the last season or two, they’ve started doing more character development with the husbands (hence my tweet to Brian and Terry), which makes me happy as well. It’s rounding out the show a great deal and I hope it goes a quite a while longer.

PS: I totally just discovered that Seamus Dever, who plays Detective Kevin Ryan on Castle (and is also an avid Tweeter) was on Army Wives! OMG!


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I set a goal for myself for April 30/May 1. I’m rebooting a few things in my world.

1) Fitness. I haven’t been to the gym in a couple of weeks. I suck at that, evidently. I’m going to start going back, though, since I’m paying for it. I want to get there 2-3 times a week through May, and then try to up that to 3-4 times over the summer. I’m not pushing terribly hard for the “musclebear” thing, but muscle wouldn’t suck. I need to start losing the weight and getting more active. I’m also rebooting my Couch to 5K program, starting April 30. I want to be able to run the whole 5K in December, so I need to start now. Because I suck at commitment to something like this. And there’s nobody who’s willing to do this shit with me. Part of my fitness goals will also be changing my diet somewhat. It’ll be a slower process, but the biggest thing for me will to be phasing out soda. I drink far too much of it, and I want to get rid of all of those empty calories. More water is a good thing, milk and fruit juice are a good thing, iced teas are a good thing. Soda, not so much (he says, cracking open a Mountain Dew).

2) Spirituality. Leon and I have a decent library of spiritual books, and I haven’t read most of them. I’ll be starting with T. Thorn Coyle‘s Evolutionary Witchcraft, and then moving on to The Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak. After that, we’ll see what happens. I want to try to start meditating more, but I’m terrible at it, so it’ll be a challenge for me. More study is always good, so hopefully, I’ll be able to learn more and feel that connection to the Divine more strongly.

3) Personal. I’m going to set the goal — again! — of blogging at least once a week and more if I can do it. I’ve got a looooooong list of possible topics, and I’ll be pulling from those, as well as updates on health and spirituality. Hm. Perhaps those can be their own posts. Nobody said that blog posts have to be dissertations. They can be short, yes? I’ll still have this post over to LiveJournal, but I may turn off commenting over there. I would rather have people comment on my blog; these posts feel awfully lonely over here, with no comments. Not everyone can see my LJ or the comments.

“It’s dangerous out there. Take this!”

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Well, since people get bitchy about my posts when I post something that means something to me, I’m going to start making some frivolous posts, ‘k?

Video games have been a big part of my life since, oh, about 1983-ish, when I was 10. That’s the year that my father married my stepmother. We spent a lot of time at her mother’s house over the summer, it felt like. My new cousins, Kevin, Scott, and Steve, had a Colecovision that they’d bring whenever there was a family gathering. These three were the ones who just didn’t seem to care that I wasn’t a blood relative, never mind that it was a STRONGLY Catholic family (we were ostensibly Lutheran, and my parents were divorced). They accepted me for who I was. And the more I think about it, most of the family did, surprisingly. Evidently, it was my stepmother and a couple of the older folks in the family (both her siblings and her neices and nephews) who didn’t ever seem to approve of me. But whatever, their loss, and totally not the point of this story.

So, yeah, video games. My brother had an Atari 2600, but I was “too old” for things like that. Like that, and like Legos, and like anything that didn’t involve reading. Which, really, was thanks to my father, who then proceeded to get pissed off when I didn’t want to fish when he wanted to go fishing and I took a book instead. Again. Tangent. Angry tangent that will never get read or understood by the person who needs to read and understand it. Moving on. At least temporarily.

Three weeks before my 13th birthday, Nintendo did something that would change my whole world: they released the original Legend of Zelda. I have, to date, every LoZ game (I think; I’m pretty sure). I don’t know what it is that draws me to this series, but it’s ridiculously important to my whole world view.

Over the next few weeks/months/whatever, I think I’m going to start blogging about the video games that I play, that we own, that are important to me. It should generate quite a bit of content for my blog, I hope, and possibly get me writing more.

And if my father and stepmonster ever find my blog, maybe they’ll figure out that they need to understand why my anger is so strong and directed at them. More than likely, they’ll continue to ignore me. Whatevs.