[Weigh-In] Continuing the downward trend – 5%

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Weigh-in this morning: 225.0 pounds.

That puts me at my first weight goal. It also means I’m at my 5% mark for Weight Watchers. That’s a total of 20.4 pounds lost since we started on April 22. Eleven weeks. That’s 1.85 pounds a week. I attribute a BIG chunk of it to the running for which I’ve recently gained a new-found love.

New weight goal set to 195. This round will be adding weight training on days opposite my running.

I’ve got a new friend from NerdFitness Academy who is moving to town in the next couple of months while his girlfriend gets her PharmD at OSU. He’s gonna help me learn what to do in the gym, so I don’t look like a total tool while I’m there. He’s awesome. And he’s a challenge. Straight bears are …. *SIGH* and straight muscle bears are even worse.

My lowest weight since about 2005, when we were on Weight Watchers in El Cerrito, was 195. I’ve been over 225 since then. I hit 225 last year in October, but I lost motivation and ballooned back up to 240. Thirty more pounds, and I’ll be at my lowest point since 2005. A hundred and ninety-five pounds of prime furry, muscley beef? What’s not to love?

My big “cheat meal” is tomorrow, but I’m gonna hopefully cheat good. Chicken, maybe Thug Kitchen‘s potato salad (with no mayo! It’s AWESOME!), not a lot of crap foods. I may even give the StrongLifts app a chance and hit a gym, just to start my strength training. I’m also starting a new week (Week 5) on C25K, which in itself is a brand new milestone for me. I usually quit on week 4, so we’ll see what kind of ass-kicking I can do to week five.

I’m going to crush the hell out of this, and I’m gonna end up being a hot musclebear in the process. I’ve got a lot more fat to make cry.

TechnoCowboy’s Never-Ending Quest To Save My [Gender]friend!

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Huge bonus awesome points to anyone who gets the title reference.

I’m a member over at NerdFitness. It’s an AWESOME site that I don’t utilize nearly enough. They do six-week challenges, and the new one was just posted: What’s Your Main Quest? This is my Write-up for my challenge.

I’ve started and stopped Couch-to-5K four or five times in the last two-and-a-half years. I’ve done two 5Ks in there, but I want to be able to run them instead of a combo of running and walking. I have a 5K that I’m signed up for at work on October 5. My goal is to finish C25K in the eight weeks and be able to kick this thing in the taint. That’s 10 weeks. I know this challenge is only 6 weeks. I’ll be extending mine.

I’m running on a Legend of Zelda timeline. Nearly every LoZ game is eight dungeons and a final boss battle, with a crapload of mini-quests. My only mini quest is to also lose 25 pounds while doing this. I can totally do that. That’s 2.5 pounds per week, and that’s nothing, especially a) for a guy (yes, I know that’s sexist, but it’s also kinda true-ish) and b) for someone who hasn’t been actively exercising or changing the way he eats.

So, each week is a different dungeon and each run is the items in the dungeon. For the sake of all of this, and because it’s my (and nearly everyone else’s) favorite, I’ll be using the Ocarina of Time. As I do this, I’ll cross off the run on here. I’m only accountable to myself, but a little encouragement wouldn’t suck, either. :pride:

Week One: Great Deku Tree – Kokiri Emerald – Achieved!
Run 1: Compass and Map – finished 7/31/13
Run 2: Fairy Slingshot – finished 8/4/13
Run 3: Gohma defeated – finished 8/6

Week Two: Dodongo Cavern – Goron Ruby
Run 1: Compass and Map – finished 8/22
Run 2: Bomb Bag
Run 3: King Dodongo defeated

Week Three: Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – Zora Sapphire
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Boomerang
Run 3: Barinade defeated

Week Four: Side Items (not to scale)
Run 1: Hookshot and Epona
Run 2: Light Arrows, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows
Run 3: Din’s Fire, Farore’s Wind, Nayru’s Love

Week Five: Forest Temple – Forest Medallion
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Fairy Bow
Run 3: Phantom Ganon defeated

Week Six: Fire Temple – Fire Medallion
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Megaton Hammer
Run 3: Volvagia defeated

Week Seven: Water Temple – Water Medallion
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Longshot
Run 3: Morpha defeated

Week Eight: Shadow Temple – Shadow Medallion
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Hover Boots
Run 3: Bongo Bongo defeated

Week Nine: Spirit Temple – Spirit Medallion
Run 1: Compass and Map
Run 2: Mirror Shield and Silver Gauntlets
Run 3: Twinrova defeated

Week Ten: Ganon’s Castle
Run 1: Shadow Barrier, Forest Barrier, Water Barrier
Run 2: Fire Barrier, Light Barrier, Spirit Barrier
Run 3: Ganon defeated

That’s a lot of gear. A LOT OF GEAR. I know I’ll only make it through the Fire Temple on this, but I’m challenging myself to make Ganon my bitch.

Ironic: Running Still Life

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still life

(Note: I’m not a visual artist of any kind. This is not a real still-life. It’s ironic, see. Because it’s about running.)

This is a group of most what I usually need to go running. Absent are my shoes, my socks, my t-shirt, and me. The rest of it is what you see.

I have two pair of running shorts. These are the Adidas. The others are black and orange Nike shorts. Both pair are all-in-one shorts (not the technical name; I just can’t think of what the technical name is or might be), meaning that I don’t wear underwear with these. They have a built-in pouch for the boys. Sadly, neither pair has pockets, so that’s what the chain is for.

The chain has my house key on it, since I don’t always run when Leon’s home. If I go out during the day, I’ve got my key without the need for pockets. The other thing on that chain is a dog tag. It’s from Cardinal Health, and it’s a little piece of awesome that Leon brought home. There’s a red one with the Cardinal logo on it around the house somewhere, but we’ll be damned if we can find the thing. It just disappeared somewhere. The black one is the more important thing, though. Cardinal is a partner for the Wounded Warrior program, a program in which I strongly believe and with which I would love to be involved. So until I can figure out how, I wear this to remind me that I’m lucky enough to be able to do this and that there are goals to be met.

My phone goes in the armband. I love technology. It provides my music, my Couch-to-5K timing, and my communication, should anything go wrong. Great headphones, too. I love everything about that. I use two apps when I run. My running app is Run Double, one of the very few apps that I’ve actually paid money for. It will get me through Couch-to-5K, Gateway-to-8K, and Highway-to-10K. I just need my motivation. The second app is I Heart Radio. I can get radio stations from all over (I listen to a local country station) or I can create my own playlist from zillions of songs. It’s fantastic, and it provides me background noise that’s not my heart rate and not my fat-boy-running breathing.

The last couple of pieces are the water bottle and flavor packets. That jug is 32 ounces. I drink one before I run and one after. I’ll probably go through two or three more over the course of a normal day. The packets are from Kroger and Walmart, but most stores carry them. These are the store brands, and they come in a ton of awesome flavors. One of the things that we’ve found out is that they’re supposed to go in a 16- or 20-ounce bottle of water, but that makes them FAR too concentrated and sweet, so we put one pack in a jug of water and the flavor is perfect.

My shoes are the rainbow awesomeness that New Balance put out a couple of years ago. I wear very thin shortie socks to run in. T-shirts are random (today is my Planet Fitness shirt). I should get myself back there sometime soon, too.

And that’s the physical accoutrements of my running. Coming soon: The spiritual side for running for me.


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A friend of mine on both Facebook and Ravelry has also just started the Couch-to-5K program, and she’s struggling with the timing. We’ve been chatting back and forth all day about it, and how neither of us is a morning person. Last year, when I started running in the morning before work, I came to this conclusion, and this is what I told her on her update:

I’m really, really not a morning person. But there was something about getting up, pre-dawn, putting on my running pants and a hoodie and gloves and a hat, because there was frost on the ground, seeing my breath in the dark-before-the-dawn, and going running. You’ve seen my running shoes. My shoelaces start glowing right before the sun comes up. Then there’s that moment where the light quality changes and the greyness starts getting little touches of color, going from washed out to frost-covered color. When the sun comes up enough to see, it’s this ball of searing orange light that is one of the most beautiful things ever created. The cold goes away. The earliness goes away. The discomfort and pain go away. And then it’s just the running. Until you catch it for yourself, you’re just going to look sideways at this, but I can guarantee you, every runner you know understands this. And someday, you will, too. And that, at the very latest, is when you start calling yourself a runner. It might happen before then, but that moment, that perfection, is when you’re going to be doing this for a very long time.

Someone told me once that when you start running, you’re a runner. That doesn’t seem quite a full fit for me. It took the morning I described above for me to call myself a runner. I haven’t been much of a runner for the last six or seven months, but I still consider myself a runner. I love doing it. It makes me feel good, even when I hurt like fuckin’ hell. But knowing that it will pay off eventually, that I may not be the whipcord kinda guy ever, sweating to the point that I can’t understand why I don’t shrivel up from dehydration and feeling like I can’t get enough water or Gatorade in me, it makes it all worth it. Seriously.


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I set a goal for myself for April 30/May 1. I’m rebooting a few things in my world.

1) Fitness. I haven’t been to the gym in a couple of weeks. I suck at that, evidently. I’m going to start going back, though, since I’m paying for it. I want to get there 2-3 times a week through May, and then try to up that to 3-4 times over the summer. I’m not pushing terribly hard for the “musclebear” thing, but muscle wouldn’t suck. I need to start losing the weight and getting more active. I’m also rebooting my Couch to 5K program, starting April 30. I want to be able to run the whole 5K in December, so I need to start now. Because I suck at commitment to something like this. And there’s nobody who’s willing to do this shit with me. Part of my fitness goals will also be changing my diet somewhat. It’ll be a slower process, but the biggest thing for me will to be phasing out soda. I drink far too much of it, and I want to get rid of all of those empty calories. More water is a good thing, milk and fruit juice are a good thing, iced teas are a good thing. Soda, not so much (he says, cracking open a Mountain Dew).

2) Spirituality. Leon and I have a decent library of spiritual books, and I haven’t read most of them. I’ll be starting with T. Thorn Coyle‘s Evolutionary Witchcraft, and then moving on to The Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak. After that, we’ll see what happens. I want to try to start meditating more, but I’m terrible at it, so it’ll be a challenge for me. More study is always good, so hopefully, I’ll be able to learn more and feel that connection to the Divine more strongly.

3) Personal. I’m going to set the goal — again! — of blogging at least once a week and more if I can do it. I’ve got a looooooong list of possible topics, and I’ll be pulling from those, as well as updates on health and spirituality. Hm. Perhaps those can be their own posts. Nobody said that blog posts have to be dissertations. They can be short, yes? I’ll still have this post over to LiveJournal, but I may turn off commenting over there. I would rather have people comment on my blog; these posts feel awfully lonely over here, with no comments. Not everyone can see my LJ or the comments.

FFF: Have you seen my motivation?

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I’m still not doing any exercise. I need to figure out how to motivate myself. It’s… suckful, not having the motivation I need to keep going on this. I hate it, and I know that I’m only five weeks from the JBR.


  1. I need to do more Wii Fit stuff. I mean, seriously, I’ve got the indoor activities at the click of a Wiimote. Why am I not using it? Because I’m fat and lazy. Ta dah!
  2. I need to find out if the parks nearby have any jungle gym equipment. Again, get off my fat ass and walk over there. There are two parks that are 3/4s of a mile from me. That’s a 10-minute walk. Hell, I can take the dog. She’d probably love a good long walk like that. Maybe. Or she’ll hate it and poop on the bed.
  3. I need to find out if the nearby high school will let me run on their track. I have the number. All I need to do is call them. I was told that, since they’re public structures, I should be able to walk or run on the track any time. We’ll see.
  4. I need to come up with a body-weight workout. Fitocracy has easy tracking stuff on the site. I could rack up metric assloads of points just be doing some easy routines. I need to figure out what I could do. Stuff like push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, stuff from elementary PE classes. It’s not rocket science.

This shouldn’t be tough. I just need a kick in the ass. 😛

We’re not going to discuss food yet. One giant hurdle at a time.

How do you keep motivated to work out and/or eat better?

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You missed me. I can tell.

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Sorry about the radio silence. It’s been A Month At School. Suffice it to say that I barely had time to scratch my ass, but I’ve got a killer portfolio and only a week and a half of classes left.

It seems that I’m being published. Just a short essay (maybe two, I forget) in the back of Barbara Bretton’s next Sugar Maple book. It just blows my mind that four years ago, I didn’t have any idea she existed, and now, because she’s awesome and I’m awesome, it’s a major confluence of awesome. I wrote up my bio for the wordiness that I wrote:

JEREMY BREDESON is a professional administrative assistant (who has very strong opinions about certain fonts — I’m lookin’ at you, Comic Sans and Papyrus), the high priest of one of the oldest cybercovens on the Internet, knits like a fiend, and plays video games like a teenager in his copious spare time. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his husband Leon and their very spoiled pretty, pretty princess dachshund, Belle. You can find him at http://www.givemamasomesugar.net (though, you may want to turn off your judgements; he has very few filters and has a mouth like a sailor) and on Ravelry as technocowboy.

Sounds about right, yeah?

Let’s see, what else?

One more quarter of school. If things go the way they should, I graduate on September 9. I CAN’T WAIT. I tossed in a random for-the-hell-of-it class (Elementary Spanish 1), because heaven forbid I stay with a 12-credit quarter. No, has to be ELEBENTY BRAZILLIONTEEN. I went in to talk to one of my teachers (well, okay, not talk; I went in to FREAK THE HELL OUT on her and nearly start crying) yesterday and was told that I’m one of the department’s best students. That’s an amazing feeling, to be honest. I’m proud of the work I’ve done, and I don’t need the recognition. It’s nice to hear, but it’s not needed. I’m in a couple of classes with people who are either graduating next week or with me, and the sheer amount of crazy talent that these people put out is daunting. It also makes me proud to be in school with them. We will rule the world, you know.

Speaking of, have you seen this commercial? Yeah, exactly. Because this is something that admins have known FOR.EV.ER.

I’ve got a few knitting things going on: a mystery shawl-along, three pair of socks (YES, SCOTT, YOURS, TOO), a hat (THIS ONE, TOO, SCOTT), a red hood thingy, two Christmas stockings, and a couple more market bags. I’ve got a few things in the wings, too, that OMG I’M NEVER GOING TO BE DONE KNITTING. I have to get a couple of bags done for a couple of my favorite teachers as thank-you gifts when I graduate.

My running has fallen by the wayside, sadly. I’m going to try to kick myself in the ass about it, though, after the quarter’s over. I’m moving on to Week Two in C25K, and hopefully, I’ll be able to keep it going. I have faith in myself to get it going.

Disaster strikes!

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After two crappy days of rain here in the Costa Rican rainforest Columbus, we had a clear day. So I went out on my training run/walk. It started out okay. I was feeling good, and I was moving well. Then, about two-thirds of the way through it, my right calf cramped up but good. It felt like someone stuck a fork in the muscle and twisted it like they were picking up some spaghetti. I stopped, walked around a little, stretched a little, and tried to start back up. Yeah, that’s not gonna work. So I limped my fat ass home, about a 10-minute walk.

Do I know what caused it? Yeah, I do. Something that everyone warned me about, but I was too stubborn and/or stupid to pay attention to. I didn’t stretch. Yes, I know. Stop. You too, Angela. I can hear you from all the way over there.

You can bet your ass that on Tuesday when I do this again between classes, I’ll stretch first.

And for now? Ow. Shower time, followed by some Sombra, probably (which, if you’ve never used it, you need to get for your “Hi, I’m old!” aches and pains. Smells better than your normal sports creams and is nicely tingly). Then I Am Legend. Then maybe some video games. Or homework. Probably homework. *sigh* It’s a never-ending battle.

Fighting for air

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I’m kind of a perfectionist. I know, you’re shocked. And I know that I’m just getting started in this. I want to go running, but I have homework that’s due by midnight, and I’m already so very uninspired by it that I’m taking time out to blog instead of doing my Office Integration work. And really, it’s only six things, but they’re… they’re crap I already know how to do. And this class is only two more weeks, but in those two weeks, I’ve got the six for today, the 14 due next Monday, and then the Final due on May 3. Plus the work for all of my other classes. I’m feeling INCREDIBLY over-worked right now, and I feel like I’m just getting further and further behind.

I’m pushing myself way too hard; I know this, but it’s not going to stop me. My GPA is going to drop this quarter because I’m so overloaded that I don’t even know what questions to ask when I need help.

Day One: The Aftermath

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I feel fucking awesome. I slept fantastically last night. I got out of bed more easily than normal. I have a crapload of energy.

Now if I could figure out how to balance my diet, I’d be better. We have a lot of crap at home because it makes quick lunch snacks (and it tastes mighty tasty). I know it’s not good for us, but I don’t know what to do about it.

I’m kind of looking forward to my jiggly bouncing down the street tomorrow.