Stress + Flowchart = HELP ME, INTERNET ORACLE!

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I’m seriously debating going back to school.

There are two lines of thought on that, if I do.

I can finish my BTAS degree; it’d take me three semesters, if I’m lucky, four if I’m not.

Or I can switch gears completely and go after another degree.

That seems like a hefty line of thought. I’m not sure what to do. In place of that, I give you a flowchart that I made, because this is the shit I do. And yes, it’s blue, even though pink is my signature color. (And if it’s hard to read, then, uh, you can probably click to embiggen it. If you didn’t figure that out on your own, how are you on the Internet unsupervised?)

backtoschoolSo. You tell me what you think. It’s making me CRAZY.


Discuss: Food

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A friend of mine on Facebook posted this video:

I commented with this:

It’s a good start and it makes much sense. What I’d like to see happen hand-in-hand with it is the subsidies that we’re paying big oil companies (who are making STUPID record profits) go to farmers who are willing to grow food to be sold locally. I think that would help health, food prices, and the economy. I could be talking out my backside on that, but in my head, it makes sense.

It’s a thought with which I know a lot of my friends agree. Let’s discuss this. What are your thoughts?