Bucket List

Everyone has one. I’m starting mine out here where everyone can see. Some of them are grandiose, some of them are not so much. All of them are, at some point, achievable. If you’re in a position to assist in facilitating any of these, please let me know.

  • Fly first-class, anywhere.
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Visit Ireland
  • Visit England
  • Visit (and buy yarn in) Scotland
  • Visit (and buy yarn in) Wales
  • Visit Greece
  • Visit Russia
  • Visit Australia (and probably get some yarn)

Oh, who’s kidding who? I’m buying yarn EVERYWHERE.

  • Zip-line
  • Skydive
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Get my back tattoo
  • Go on a Caribbean cruise
  • Go on an Alaskan cruise
  • Visit Macchu Pichu
  • Visit Chichen Itza
  • Visit Avebury Plain
  • Get my bachelor’s degree
  • Own a suit
  • Learn to ice skate
  • Go to MDSW
    • Laugh and drink with a LOT of hoars
  • Go to SAFF
    • Laugh and drink with a LOT of hoars
  • Go to at least 10 lighthouses on the eastern seaboard
  • Visit Salem
  • Visit the Stonewall Inn (also, if you’re reading this, go to Google and look up Stonewall Inn and see what Google does)

I’m sure more will get added. They will get added under this, with a date to start them out.

One thought on “Bucket List

  1. You could scratch off “Learn to Ice Skate”. You did that on Lake Joy. You don’t remember skating under the bridge? It was sort of scary listening to the ice crack ahead of us. I remember how much fun it was.

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