Far Too Long

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It’s appropriate that today is Samhain. I made the conscious decision to turn to paganism and witchcraft 21 years ago today. I realized tonight as I was driving around that I can’t define my path or my practice, and I need both to a great deal. I need to get my happy (or, as it has been lately, not-so-happy) ass back into a practice. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I meant it just as much every time, that I need to start from the ground up and rededicate myself to this endeavor.

If anyone has any suggestions on where to start, please let me know. My first step is The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, by my close, personal friend, world-famous author Christopher Penczak. It even has CDs!  It’s only 300-some pages. I can do that.

I’ve got a kick-ass High Priestess who will help with my Remedial Spelling classes (OMG, that would be a GREAT series of workshops! Need to talk to her about that!!) and get me back on track.

My friend Ryan sent me his outline for putting together a personal practice. I need that more than anything to keep me centered, grounded, steady.

I have never looked back since that October day. I don’t plan to look back, ever. I love my spirituality, I love my faith, I love everything that it has opened up for me. I need to strengthen and reaffirm it. This will happen. It will make me a better person.

So Mote It Be.