Clothing Retailers Are Dumb About Money

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Why do the fashion industry and clothing retailers know nothing about economics?

I ask this, because it’s blatantly obvious that, in addition to being size Nazis who care nothing about body shaming, every single clothing retailer that I’ve ever seen is missing a giant opportunity to make more money.

Have you ever been in a clothing store and seen Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large clothes sold for one price, and XXL and above sold for $2 or more extra? Yes, bigger clothes take more fabric, and yes, that fabric costs more money. However, it’s also demeaning, body-shaming, and embarrassing to plus-sized folks. How about, instead of punishing fat people for being fat, they make all of their prices higher to match the highest price. No, it’s not punishing anyone at that point; everyone pays the same amount. Also, there are more people who buy the smaller sizes, so the stores make more money.

How is this not a good idea? I think it’s brilliant.