Ironic: Running Still Life

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still life

(Note: I’m not a visual artist of any kind. This is not a real still-life. It’s ironic, see. Because it’s about running.)

This is a group of most what I usually need to go running. Absent are my shoes, my socks, my t-shirt, and me. The rest of it is what you see.

I have two pair of running shorts. These are the Adidas. The others are black and orange Nike shorts. Both pair are all-in-one shorts (not the technical name; I just can’t think of what the technical name is or might be), meaning that I don’t wear underwear with these. They have a built-in pouch for the boys. Sadly, neither pair has pockets, so that’s what the chain is for.

The chain has my house key on it, since I don’t always run when Leon’s home. If I go out during the day, I’ve got my key without the need for pockets. The other thing on that chain is a dog tag. It’s from Cardinal Health, and it’s a little piece of awesome that Leon brought home. There’s a red one with the Cardinal logo on it around the house somewhere, but we’ll be damned if we can find the thing. It just disappeared somewhere. The black one is the more important thing, though. Cardinal is a partner for the Wounded Warrior program, a program in which I strongly believe and with which I would love to be involved. So until I can figure out how, I wear this to remind me that I’m lucky enough to be able to do this and that there are goals to be met.

My phone goes in the armband. I love technology. It provides my music, my Couch-to-5K timing, and my communication, should anything go wrong. Great headphones, too. I love everything about that. I use two apps when I run. My running app is Run Double, one of the very few apps that I’ve actually paid money for. It will get me through Couch-to-5K, Gateway-to-8K, and Highway-to-10K. I just need my motivation. The second app is I Heart Radio. I can get radio stations from all over (I listen to a local country station) or I can create my own playlist from zillions of songs. It’s fantastic, and it provides me background noise that’s not my heart rate and not my fat-boy-running breathing.

The last couple of pieces are the water bottle and flavor packets. That jug is 32 ounces. I drink one before I run and one after. I’ll probably go through two or three more over the course of a normal day. The packets are from Kroger and Walmart, but most stores carry them. These are the store brands, and they come in a ton of awesome flavors. One of the things that we’ve found out is that they’re supposed to go in a 16- or 20-ounce bottle of water, but that makes them FAR too concentrated and sweet, so we put one pack in a jug of water and the flavor is perfect.

My shoes are the rainbow awesomeness that New Balance put out a couple of years ago. I wear very thin shortie socks to run in. T-shirts are random (today is my Planet Fitness shirt). I should get myself back there sometime soon, too.

And that’s the physical accoutrements of my running. Coming soon: The spiritual side for running for me.

Stress + Flowchart = HELP ME, INTERNET ORACLE!

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I’m seriously debating going back to school.

There are two lines of thought on that, if I do.

I can finish my BTAS degree; it’d take me three semesters, if I’m lucky, four if I’m not.

Or I can switch gears completely and go after another degree.

That seems like a hefty line of thought. I’m not sure what to do. In place of that, I give you a flowchart that I made, because this is the shit I do. And yes, it’s blue, even though pink is my signature color. (And if it’s hard to read, then, uh, you can probably click to embiggen it. If you didn’t figure that out on your own, how are you on the Internet unsupervised?)

backtoschoolSo. You tell me what you think. It’s making me CRAZY.