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A friend of mine on Facebook posted this video:

I commented with this:

It’s a good start and it makes much sense. What I’d like to see happen hand-in-hand with it is the subsidies that we’re paying big oil companies (who are making STUPID record profits) go to farmers who are willing to grow food to be sold locally. I think that would help health, food prices, and the economy. I could be talking out my backside on that, but in my head, it makes sense.

It’s a thought with which I know a lot of my friends agree. Let’s discuss this. What are your thoughts?

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  1. I agree, it’s a good place to start. I think that Mr. Pollan’s a very simplified way of looking at this issue. Many factors go into our choices about how and why we spend our monies. I can’t speak to the subsidies either farmers or big oil recieve. What I can speak to is on a much smaller scale. The employees of big oil (that I know) make a “living wage”. My husband is one of them. He, as a member of our community, feels that buying local is the better and more responsible choice. By supporting our local small businesses and growers we all create a demand for better quality. I feel that each of us, as individuals, have a responsibility to make wiser choices. Educate yourself on what is available to you, know where it comes from and who you are giving your support to. If we create the demand the supply will follow. I can’t help but think that waiting for government to make changes (no matter how much I wish they would) is tilting at windmills. I think I’ll just get started without them.

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