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So, I’m job hunting; we’re all aware of that. I use whatever websites I can to find jobs. There are a zillion postings on Craigslist for which I’m qualified. However, I rarely, if ever, apply for any of them, for the simple reason that whoever posted them wrote a terrible job posting.

If you want qualified people to apply for your job opening, you can’t hamstring your applicants. It’s all well and good to tell them what they’ll be doing if chosen for the job. However, you have to — need to — tell them for whom they’ll be working. In Columbus, Ohio, you’re most likely not the CIA, FBI, NSA, or one of the other acronym agencies. You don’t have to be super secret about it. More details are better when it comes to these postings. People want to know to whom they’re sending their resumes. It helps job seekers to tailor their cover letters.

And hiring managers? Really, wouldn’t you rather take the time going through qualified people than taking the time to go through three times as many people who aren’t, simply because the job posting is written poorly?

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