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One of the TV shows I watch on a regular basis (y’know, like, obsessively…) is Army Wives. I don’t know what drew me to this show; I’ve never been in the military, I’ve never been in a military family, the only person I dated who was active duty was in the Air Force. I’ve seen every episode, though, and it’s always been something of a semi-guilty pleasure. Well, if I felt guilt about things like that. I miss the hell out of Brigid Brannaugh (who played my favorite character, Pamela Moran).

I also follow a lot of celebrities on my Twitter feed. A good chunk of the cast of Army Wives is on there: Terry Serpico, Catherine Bell, Sally Pressman, Wendy Davis, Kim Delaney, Brian McNamara. I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but I doubt any of them are reading my blog (though, if they are? I’ma glitter in my pants, yo). If they comment, I’ll apologize profusely.

Tonight, I sent this message:

@TwoGems57 and @terryserpico – I have to tell you that I really truly appreciate the way you portray the guys on @ArmyWives. It’s awesome.

About ten minutes later, I got this message back:

@GiveMamaSugar @terryserpico @armywives Thanks Jeremy!! That means a lot!!

Yes, I squealed a little bit. It always makes me feel awesome when someone who doesn’t need to do so takes time out of his or her world and mingles, y’know?

The show is great. They’re about to start airing season six in a few weeks (which, incidentally, season five just ended a few weeks ago; I’m used to this show taking MUCH more time between seasons), and I’m looking very forward to it. It’s a fantastic ensemble, and they’ve added a couple of new wives into the mix who are rounding out the show in new and interesting ways. Also, in the last season or two, they’ve started doing more character development with the husbands (hence my tweet to Brian and Terry), which makes me happy as well. It’s rounding out the show a great deal and I hope it goes a quite a while longer.

PS: I totally just discovered that Seamus Dever, who plays Detective Kevin Ryan on Castle (and is also an avid Tweeter) was on Army Wives! OMG!

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