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So, a lot of what I’ve been talking about lately has been my struggle with my weight. I’ve got more stuff going on than just that, honestly. That’s a big part of my headspace these days, but I’m not so focused on that to the detriment of the rest of my world.

The biggest other thing would be this. On Monday, January 23, I started working at the Ohio Humanities Council, permanently and as a real person. I worked for them for the last six weeks of 2011 as a temp through OfficeTeam, but they hired me on as of January 23. This office… I can’t even tell you how awesome everyone is. I’m probably not going to do a lot of referring to them in my blog, though; partially, it’s because my job doesn’t define who I am, partially it’s because I’m kind of a representative of my employer even when I’m not at work (like everyone seems to be), and partially it’s because the Executive Director knows where my blog is and reads it on an infrequent and random basis (HI BOSS!). Suffice it to say, the depression I fell into when I didn’t get the job at the school was more than filled by OHC. These people rock so hard, it’s amazing that they don’t have a recording contract and people throwing various underthings at them when they’re on stage.

Knitting is knitting. Nothing major and/or new on the needles, which is how I’m planning it. I have a ton of yarn that I could be knitting into new things, but I’m concentrating on working on the things that have been on the needles for a good long time and have been promised to people. I need to get so many things done. Hell, in the first month of 2012, I’ve already finished one sweater and two baby surprise jackets. I just need to add buttons to all three of them. I’ve got one more BSJ to do for yet another freakin’ pregnant woman at Leon’s job, but then I’m done with the jackets for a bit. I’m finishing off the first half of a pair of fingerless mitts tonight then casting on for the second mitt. They go quickly, even with all the cabling, and I have at least one more pair of them to make. I’m also about half done with a sweater for The Princess (see the Fat Family Fitness blog if that makes no sense to you because you think that either Belle or I answer to that) that will make her look so freakin’ awesome. A shawl for Melissa. A lace scarf for Niki. A hat and a blanket for Scott. A sweater for Jason. A sweater for me.

I’m looking into joining a gym. We’ll see what February specials at the local places look like, but I’m leaning heavily toward Planet Fitness. Their whole “No Judgment Zone” philosophy speaks to the fatboy in me. I don’t need some no-neck ‘roided up lunkhead giving me shit for not being able to benchpress a Buick. Also, I don’t need to be where every judgey homo in the world works out. It’s not a scene, it’s not a be-seen, it’s a place to drop this 60 pounds and turn it into sexy, sexy, furry muscle.

(Aside: It’s odd being up high enough that helicopters are buzzing by my office window. Kind of awesome, though. We’re on the 16th floor.)

We’re heading to Drenched Fur (link probably NSFW) in Erie at the end of March for their waterpark night. Those poor pool filters. 300+ bears? Yeah. Awesome. I’m looking so very forward to it, more for the getting-together-with-friends and getting-out-of-Ohio of it than for the bear run side of it, but that’ll be neat, too.

I think I’m going to start posting stuff about my City of Heroes/Villains/Going Rogue characters, complete with photos of all of their costumes. That’ll give me some fun shit to talk about, hey? Maybe I’ll blog more often! Perhaps a Tuesday or Thursday feature! I’m also thinking about starting a monthly or bi-weekly podcast. Anyone interested in just listening to me talk?

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