Really, Etsy? REALLY?

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Say what you will about Regretsy, sometimes they do more than just mock things that deserve the mockery. Such as this little gem.

I have a lot of friends who are independent artists. They work their asses off, and very few of them get the recognition they deserve. When something like the above happens, and a company like Etsy sides with the art thieves instead of the original artists? Yeah, that’s not cool. Not one tiny fucking bit. All of you who are touching yourselves in googly, glitter-covered awe over Etsy need to pay attention to this thing. Etsy doesn’t give two shits about the actual art or the ethics involved with some of the “artists” on their site. If they did, they’d take action against that kind of bullshit. Only, they won’t. Why? Because they’re only interested in getting their own money and not about the integrity of the business. Like any other business.

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