Twelve Days

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My schedule for the next twelve days is… a little tight and frantic.

8/31 – 10am Interview (my second!) // Work until 3:45 // 4pm Internship final project
9/1 – 1pm Class (Last COMM200!) // Spanish presentation
9/2 – 10am-4pm Work (last day!) // Last Publisher lesson due

At some point over the long weekend, I’ll probably be getting together with a group of classmates from Spanish to study.

9/6 – 2pm Spanish final // Last Quickbooks lesson due
9/7 – Quickbooks and Publisher finals due
9/8 – 12pm Get my final project back and get my grade for COMM200
9/9 – 10am Graduation!
9/10 – Load the BTW truck
9/11 – Head to Wisteria // Set up BTW // Begin the drinking debauchery Bible Study Naked Gay Pagan Camp PANTASTIC PANGASM!