LQ Day 3: [Enter pithy title]

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Yeah, I couldn’t come up with a title. Maybe tomorrow.

The biggest thing off my to-do list yesterday was that I submitted my Petition to Graduate. I assume they’ll check everything in my current transcript and they’ll tell me it’s okay for me to graduate at the end of the quarter, provided I pass my current classes. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have that done.

My first day of classes went well. Spanish isn’t going to be a large challenge, but it will be a challenge. On the plus side, I don’t need to take my netbook to school this quarter; we’re in a computer lab for Comm200, and there’s no way I could type my notes in Spanish while she’s talking. I would miss way too much. I have to actually watch her talk, for the most part. She lectures about half in Spanish and half in English. I don’t know or remember enough of my Spanish from high school to catch everything, but I’m starting to pick up on a few small things. We learned the alphabet yesterday, something I remembered pretty well. We’ll see what Thursday brings

Comm200? Again, not much of a challenge. Quickbooks and Desktop Publishing are just going to take some motivation to deal with. I need to do some homework tonight for Comm200, and I should probably crack my Desktop Publishing and Quickbooks textbooks. I tried the other night with Quickbooks and fell asleep trying to read it. Yeah.

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