LQ Day 2: I gots class!

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I’ve got my COMM200 and Spanish 101 class today for the first time. I’ve got everything for my online classes, but these two are in person, and they have nothing posted on Blackboard. I like having Blackboard stuff even for in-class classes; without it, I feel a little lost and somewhat mistrustful of the teachers. We’ll see how that goes. I may also decide to take either my Quickbooks book or my Publisher book and go in early (which is a very distinct possibility). Hm. Maybe not; I’ve gotta pick up my portfolio from my adviser (HI BETH!) and I’m not sure that it’ll all fit in my backpack with my computer and such in there. We’ll see. I may just sit around and knit before class, too. That’s also an option.

I should also do a knitting update. I’ve got a few things to talk about and to show off. Maybe this weekend. It’ll give me time to photograph and block at least one project that I finished.

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