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In just 12 weeks, I will graduate from Columbus State with my Associate of Applied Science degree. I’m looking forward to September 9 more than I can tell you.

My class schedule this quarter is as follows:

  • Monday: BOA 270/271 – Seminar and Practicum. My internship. I’ll be in the Financial Aid department, doing what I can to assist the Scholarship Coordinator. This is the same position I’ve had for the last quarter. I’m very good at what I do, but the project I’m on right now, while incredibly important, is also incredibly huge as well as OMG BORING. However, I get to listen to my jPod, and that makes all the difference. I’ve got PLENTY of books on CD to listen to, and I’m enjoying the heck out of them. Currently, I’m in the middle of Diane Duane’s Young Wizard series (I start A Wizard Abroad tomorrow), and when I get through all of them, I have the Wheel of Time series — in entirety, sans the final book which is to be released in November, I believe — to listen to.
  • Tuesday: COMM 200 – Business Communications // SPAN 101 – Elementary Spanish I. BusComm should be cake. Spanish is a class that, if I need to drop a class, I can drop. I just wanted the challenge of an off-class and a language to put on my resume.
  • Wednesday: See Monday
  • Thursday: See Tuesday
  • Friday: See Monday

In addition, I also have online courses:

  • BOA 167 – Desktop Publishing. Yay for Publisher! I’m looking very forward to this.
  • BOA 113/114 – Quickbooks I & II. Another YAY class.

All told, that’s 17 credits for my final quarter. My advisor looked at me like I came unglued. She may be right. HI, BETH!

Oh, for the online courses, we’re required to participate (well, maybe not necessarily required, but we do get points for participating) in discussion boards. My intro has changed every quarter for these things. The current one is:

I’m Jeremy. I’m 38, have a wonderful partner of 8 1/2 years (who says gay relationships don’t last?), and we have a 4-year-old long-haired dachshund named Belle. I’m a gamer, a knitter (yes, really), I love science fiction and fantasy books.

This is my sixth and final quarter here; if everything goes the way it should, I will graduate on September 9. This is one of my save-for-last classes (Quickbooks I and II are the others), and I’ve been looking forward to it for over a year. I’ve been an administrative assistant for most of the last 15 years. I came back to school in March of 2010 as a way to hone my skills (and, um, CSCC has made sure that they are razor sharp — I was good before I came into the program, but holy crap, have I gotten better; my 3.96 GPA is proof, something of which I’m very proud) and to give myself an added boost in the feeding frenzy job hunt.

Chat me up. I’m kind of awesome. 😉

Yeah. I’m so very ready to graduate.

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  1. Good luck, Jeremy! COMM200 is all about formatting, so I just know you’ll ace that one. :) Korea is AWESOME. I am not going to want to come home.

    • Hey, Kendra! Your pix from Korea are fantastic! I’m glad you’re having a good time there, and I hope to see many more pictures as the summer goes on!

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