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Twenty Thirty years ago, I was eight years old. I remember watching the replaying of the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer (and yes, Mom, you should have had a clue about… shall we say, “certain things”… back then). It was a prince marrying his princess. Of course I was watching it. I didn’t so much take note when the boys were born aside from “she had babies,” because, well, I didn’t really pay much attention to pregnancy and babies. The divorce was painful for me, because I was a child of divorce, and I knew what kind of hell the boys were going to go through.

At 24, Diana was killed in France, and it felt like a punch in the gut. This amazing, beautiful woman was taken from the world far too early. All of the good things in which she was involved, not to mention the world itself, would be that much poorer without her strength, grace, and love. And I mourned her. The images that stuck with me most, though, were watching William and Harry during the funeral. That was almost as bad as the reason I was seeing those images.

Today, William married Catherine in a beautiful ceremony in Westminster Abbey. The groom was handsome, the bride was stunning, and the best man and maid of honor did their siblings proud.

There has been a lot of wedding-hype hate on the Internet. A lot of people will roll their eyes that I’m even writing this. You know what? I don’t care. This is a big deal. In the United States, we don’t have royalty. That’s written into the very bedrock of this country. The closest we have are movie and television stars, athletes, and politicians, and all of them are flash-in-the-pan. True royalty is centuries old. Technically, Canada is still covered by the British Monarchy, but I’m not Canadian.

This is a world event, and honestly, I’d rather have the coverage of this than needing to have the coverage of a land war in Asia. This doesn’t affect me personally, but, as Jackson said on my Facebook, “I always enjoy seeing two young people who are really in love go through something that wonderful. There’s enough crap and hate and ugliness going on in the world. It’s nice to see some beauty (and I don’t just mean Kate).”

The new royal couple is stunning. They’re going to make amazingly beautiful babies together, provided they get the genetics from her side of the family and his mother’s side of the family. My hope for the couple is a long life of love, happiness, and laughter, every day. Even at the altar, William was making Kate smile and laugh, and I hope that they can keep that joy every minute of their lives together.

A dear friend once told me that the promise is not, “I love you,” but rather, “I will love you.” It’s not just the love right now that matters; it’s the love that you will continue to have that matters most.

To Their Royal Highnesses (who, no doubt, are waiting for me to finish this so they can read it because I’m just that important), much love and much hope for you both. May there be many, many years ahead of you.

4 thoughts on “Adding to the Hype

    • Wouldn’t that be crazy awesome? But, you know, just in case, Your Royal Highnesses, if you’re in the market for a couple of amazing administrative assistants, my partner and I would be more than willing to take up the mantle. We’d even emigrate (which would, no doubt, be required) and start spelling thing with extraneous u’s and changing z’s to s’s. :mrgreen:

  1. Beautifully written, Jeremy. I, too, got up early to watch that wedding in 1981 (and I hate to burst your bubble, but that was THIRTY years ago, not twenty.) And while I tried hard to stay awake to watch this one live, I fell asleep just before the bride made her appearance. No worries, the DVR was set.

    I agree with you about the anti-wedding hype, though. A wedding full of smiling faces and pretty hats is way better television than endless “reality” shows or news about people killing each other.

    • Whoops! Changed! 😀

      We just finished watching the coverage we had recorded. What a beautiful kiss. So awesome. And did you see her second dress? Still stunning, still beautiful. And that thing that Camilla’s wearing? Nice housedress. Talk about dowdy.

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