Disaster strikes!

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After two crappy days of rain here in the Costa Rican rainforest Columbus, we had a clear day. So I went out on my training run/walk. It started out okay. I was feeling good, and I was moving well. Then, about two-thirds of the way through it, my right calf cramped up but good. It felt like someone stuck a fork in the muscle and twisted it like they were picking up some spaghetti. I stopped, walked around a little, stretched a little, and tried to start back up. Yeah, that’s not gonna work. So I limped my fat ass home, about a 10-minute walk.

Do I know what caused it? Yeah, I do. Something that everyone warned me about, but I was too stubborn and/or stupid to pay attention to. I didn’t stretch. Yes, I know. Stop. You too, Angela. I can hear you from all the way over there.

You can bet your ass that on Tuesday when I do this again between classes, I’ll stretch first.

And for now? Ow. Shower time, followed by some Sombra, probably (which, if you’ve never used it, you need to get for your “Hi, I’m old!” aches and pains. Smells better than your normal sports creams and is nicely tingly). Then I Am Legend. Then maybe some video games. Or homework. Probably homework. *sigh* It’s a never-ending battle.

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    • I tried when I got home from the Bataan Death Limp. It just hurt too badly. I kind of babied it tonight, and I’m hoping it’s better in the morning. Otherwise, I’m going to have to give it a few days and start over. Thankfully, I’m not that far back. I may have to go get myself some good running shoes, though, and give up on the VFFs for now. Maybe my second 5K can be on my toes.

  1. Sounds like you’ve analyzed the problem and figured out the solution. That’s 3/4 of the battle. As John says, it’s a delay, that’s all.
    You can do this. Go, man, go!!

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