Fighting for air

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I’m kind of a perfectionist. I know, you’re shocked. And I know that I’m just getting started in this. I want to go running, but I have homework that’s due by midnight, and I’m already so very uninspired by it that I’m taking time out to blog instead of doing my Office Integration work. And really, it’s only six things, but they’re… they’re crap I already know how to do. And this class is only two more weeks, but in those two weeks, I’ve got the six for today, the 14 due next Monday, and then the Final due on May 3. Plus the work for all of my other classes. I’m feeling INCREDIBLY over-worked right now, and I feel like I’m just getting further and further behind.

I’m pushing myself way too hard; I know this, but it’s not going to stop me. My GPA is going to drop this quarter because I’m so overloaded that I don’t even know what questions to ask when I need help.

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